TööstusEST magazine and web

The magazine is issued 5 times per year and a free copy is delivered to industry professionals in Estonia by mail for free. 

The magazine is prepared in cooperation with the main associations of Estonian industry who give their input regularly.


The readers of the website are active on the industrial field. On the website they will find topics featured in the TööstusEST magazine and news from Estonian industrial associations. A newsletter is sent to approx 2300 contacts by Meediapilt and by the industrial associations, also shared in social media. All content is free.

TööstusESTi lugeja

Who is the reader of TööstusEST?

The print edition has the circulation of 2500 copies. Special edition of Instrutec fair is issued every November and the printed copies are doubled. November edition is handed out to visitors right at the entrance of the fairground for free and is featuring the topics of the event.  By mail the magazine is received by:

  • the members and partners of Union of Electricity Industry in Estonia, Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry, Estonian Association of Chemical Industry, Estonian Plastics Industries Federation, Estonian Electronics Industries Association, Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association, Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications and Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre
  • the members of Estonian Defense Industry Union, Estonian Clothing and Textile Association, Association of Estonian Food Industry,  Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, Concrete Association of Estonia, Estonian Furniture Industry Association,  Estonian Oil Association, Estonian Waste Management Association, Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association, Estonian Infra Construction Association, Estonian Gas Association, Estonian Wind Power Association, Estonian Association of Engineers, Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Estonian Association of Heating and Ventilation Engineers, Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, Estonian Association of Roof and Facade Manufacturers, Estonian Woodhouse Association, Estonian Association of Electrical Enterprises, Association of Estonian Printing Industry, Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Association of Estonian Marine Industries
  • local governments, ministries and authorities related to the field (State Real Estate of Estonia, Environmental Investment Centre, Transport Administration, Enterprise Estonia), developers, consulting companies, trainers and educational institutions
  • all the participants of trainings, seminars and conferences of relevant topics in the field held by associations of industries in Estonia.

Ads in print magazine TööstusEST

Reklaampind esikaas
Reklaampind tagakaas
Reklaampind 1 lehekülg
Reklaampind pool lehekülge
Reklaampind pool lehekülge
Reklaampind veerand lehekülge

+5 mm bleed added to all designs.

All commercial texts will be printed with “Reklaamtekst” (eng – commercial text) written on the top corner. 

VAT is not included in the price. Reverse charge inside EU. 

Special editions have prices according to negotiations.

Ad design: 40€ + VAT

Design of commercial text: 100€ + VAT (incl editing, grammatical editing, design)

Creating commercial text: ask for offer.

Ads on website www.toostusest.ee

Large banner below header

Below header on the front page and all other pages.                           

1000×180 pxl

Rotating 3

Price for one day 199 € + VAT

Slim banner below header

Below header on the front page and all other pages.                           

1000×90 pxl

Rotating 3

Price for one day 149 € + VAT

Large banner inside news

Between the news blocks on the front page and between the text in all the news pages.

660×250 pxl 

Rotating 3

Price for one day 149 € + VAT

Slim banner inside news

Between the news blocks on the front page and between the text in all the news pages.

660×90 pxl

Rotating 3

Price for one day 99 € + VAT

Large banner in sidebar

In the right sidebar on the front page and all other pages.

320×160 pxl

Rotating 3

Price for one day 99 € + VAT

Slim banner in sidebar

In the right sidebar on the front page and all other pages.

320×80 pxl

Rotating 3

Price for one day 49 € + VAT

Commercial text

Commercial text will be shown on front page sidebar, in relevant block for commercial texts for 2 weeks. Only 5 titles with main photo are shown in this block.

Price 500 € + VAT


TööstusEST issue Submission of materials Release date

TööstusEST September 2022


TööstusEST October 2022 special edition, official media partner of the fair Instrutec, copies handed out at the entrance


TööstusEST December 2022, special edition of Estonian energy sector, will be handed out at the events


Past issues of TööstusEST

Annual subscription

The price of the annual subscription to the magazine TööstusEST is 35 euros + VAT. To place an order, please send an e-mail to sigrid@meediapilt.ee with your request and contact information (company name, recipient’s name, address for receiving the magazine). We will send you the invoice. The order takes effect after payment.

Enjoy reading!

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